Nationally Recognized Firearms Training

By USCCA and NRA Certified Instructors

This is our most comprehensive class, and the one we recommend for all of our students looking to get their concealed carry permit. Topics covered include: developing a personal and home protection plan, self-defense firearm basics, defensive shooting fundamentals, the legal use of force, violent encounters and their aftermath, as well as various types of gear and gadgets.

You can either bring your own pistol, or use one of ours. No matter what your current skill level, we’ve got you covered.

Instructor Teaching Concealed Carry Class

Home Defense Class

You’ll learn how to develop a personal and home protection plan, firearm basics, the legal use of force, and more. We will also discuss how to choose the best home defense firearm for your specific situation.

This class is for you if you want to learn how to legally defend yourself and your family while at home. If you’re looking to get your concealed carry license, we recommend our more in depth concealed carry class.

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Home Defense

Basic Handgun Class

The basic handgun class provides an introduction to the different handgun and ammunition types. You will learn how to safety handle, clear, and shoot handguns. We touch briefly on defensive shooting fundamentals, and we’ll also help you decide what the best pistol type for you is.

While this class meets the State’s CCW permit training requirements, we recommend you attend an actual concealed carry class if you are seeking to obtain your permit.

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Basic Handgun